February 9: Incentivizing safer sexual behavior: evidence from a lottery experiment on HIV prevention
Speaker: Damien de Walque, World Bank

January 26: Scripted lesson plans and improving early-grade reading: Experimental evidence from South Africa
Speaker: Jacobus Cilliers, Georgetown University

December 8: Experimental Evidence on the Long-Term Impacts of a Youth Training Program
Speaker: Laura Ripani, Inter-American Development Bank

October 27: Challenges in Educational Reform: An Experiment on Active Learning in Mathematics
Speaker: Matias Busso, Inter-American Development Bank


September 22: Effects of a Social Network Diffusion Intervention on Family Planning Use and Unmet Need in Benin
Speaker: Kim Ashburn, Georgetown University

June 7: A Discussion of the Methodological Approach and Findings from a Quasi-Experimental Evaluation of an Economic and Social Empowerment Intervention in Mozambique
Speakers: Holly Burke and Samuel Field, FHI 360

May 12: Fairtrade Labelling and Child Labor in the Birthplace of Arabica Coffee: Evidence from Ethiopia
Speakers: Jose Galdo, Carleton University and IZA