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The 3ie-IFPRI seminar series is designed to highlight innovative papers on impact evaluation and facilitate discussion of new impact evaluation research. The seminars are held on one Thursday of each month from 12:00-1:30pm at IFPRI’s Washington DC headquarters (2033 K St. NW). To RSVP to any event, please contact Alexandria Cannon (a.cannon@cgiar.org)

May 12: Fairtrade Labelling and Child Labor in the Birthplace of Arabica Coffee: Evidence from Ethiopia
Speakers: Jose Galdo, Carleton University and IZA
Discussant: Kimberly Elliott, Center for Global Development 
12:00 -1:30pm
Conference room 7AB
View the webcast here.
Abstract: Fairtrade labelling is advocated as an alternative to current strategies that seek to mitigate child labor due to its reliance on labor standards, monitoring and attention on child labor root causes. By randomly allocating self and proxy respondents to answer the same questions in a survey module, we assess the role of survey design on the measurement of child labor in Fairtrade coffee households. Based on a sample of 1200 household units, we report three main findings. Firstly, the incidence of child labor within Fairtrade coffee households reach 47 percent and this figure is similar to national, representative measures of child labor in rural Ethiopia. Secondly, experimental survey treatment effects show that smallholder farmers underreport child labor relative to the child’s own reports, particularly for girls. Thirdly, the more extensive the effective trade links between smallholder farmers and Fairtrade cooperatives, the higher the underreporting of child labor relative to the child’s own report. On the other hand, knowledge of Fairtrade standards as well as its cultural legacy (Muslims versus Christians) and social capital (trust) does not have systematic differential effects on proxy underreporting of child labor.

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