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The 3ie-IFPRI seminar series is designed to highlight innovative papers on impact evaluation and facilitate discussion of new impact evaluation research. The seminars are held on one Thursday of each month from 12:00-1:30pm at IFPRI’s Washington DC headquarters (2033 K St. NW). To RSVP to any event, please contact Alexandria Cannon (a.cannon@cgiar.org)

December 10: Assessing the Impacts of Mais Educação on Educational Outcomes: Evidence between 2007 and 2011
Speaker: Rita Almeida, The World Bank
Discussant: Samuel Berlinski, The Inter-American Development Bank
12:00 -1:30pm
Conference room 5A
View the webcast here.
Abstract: To address the educational gap, many Latin American countries are focusing on the extension of the school day and in the enrichment of the curriculum. In Brazil, a nationwide policy – Mais Educação – was implemented in 2008 with this objective. We explore the nationwide phase out of the program across the country, and compare the performance of schools before and after the implementation of the program to quantify the impacts of this policy on student learning and dropout rates in urban areas, and to investigate the heterogeneity of impacts by multiple characteristics of the program implementation. We compare participating schools with non-participating schools after controlling for school selection into the program based on observable characteristics using propensity score matching. We find that participation in Mais Educação has on average no impacts on school dropout rates and average negative impacts on Mathematics test scores. The negative impacts on student achievement FOUND are stronger in the short-term, suggesting that the negative effects may be reduced as the program CONSOLIDATES its implementation. We also find, especially for the 5th grade schools, that the level of student spending is associated with reduced dropout rates. Interestingly, in schools choosing the fields of Sports the program is associated with lower test scores both in Portuguese and in Math. Finally, the program seems to produce better educational outcomes for schools located in richer cities.

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